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JAW: Self Control 4 :iconjust-add-water99:Just-Add-Water99 303 22
Mini-Story: Crime and Punishment
Natalya paced in a circle around her couch. Six hundred and sixty-one rotations since she started counting. At least she was getting close to giving herself a little laugh. It felt like ages since she got to rotation number sixty-nine and it had been a dull and painful walk since then.
"Six hundred and sixty-two," Natalya said, letting out a long, thin breath before wincing and clutching the side of her round stomach. "Damn me, you're ruining my count, brats!" She glared at her swollen middle, a bulging hill of stretched flesh and skin with a dull web of stretch marks on both sides. One of the rules was she couldn't get rid of those but thankfully enough of her "natural beauty" carried over to mostly keep them at bay. And it wasn't as though Natalya was getting any bigger. Hopefully.
Four very grown fetuses kicked around inside of her womb, resulting in a belly the size of a boulder and just as heavy to carry. Its surface glowed, a sickeningly "maternal" aura surrounding her, as she fe
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 49 7
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Today on Dr. Jo :iconadipose-rex:Adipose-Rex 50 0
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Earth is a restless place.
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Curses and Spells were not supposed to be real. They should not work and they should have no power in the real world. They were the things stories were made of. Magic was only supposed to exist in movies, and with cheesy magicians. It was not supposed to exist in the life of eighteen year old Rachel Kent. The only problem was that a curse had landed right on top of her and was showing it's self to be very real. But to start here would be to miss out on how she found herself in this situation.
Rachel Kent was a sight to behold. Not really tall but medium height, she was trim but with good curves. She had a wonderful complexion and always seemed to be tan without very much work. She had wonderful long dark hair. She was popular and well liked. She was not like the stereotype of most popular pretty teenage girls. She had a kind heart and was popular not because of being fast and easy but because she was really a good friend to those around her. She was smart, kind and caring.
She was look
Trailer Park Princess: Reality is Perspective“What the hell was that bright light” Ricky asked Jones as she stood right next him.
He turned and looked at Jones and noticed that she was in the buff. He looked down at himself and saw the same thing. “Son of a Bitch we’re naked as jaybirds.”
Jones could only shrug her shoulders “yeah well we have bigger problems, plus it's not like we haven't seen each other this way before. I mean just where the hell are we” she had no idea what had just happened but she knew what she had saw just a moment before. “Screw the light Ricky. What the hell was going on with that damn giant woman crawling out of your bedroom? I mean that might be just a bit more important. That and now we have obviously been whisked away to somewhere else. So a giant witch was climbing out of your bedroom.”
Ricky understood the questions were valid but right now he was most interested in understanding the bright light and where they were. He looked at the ground he wa
Titania Girl: On Their Own
The phone rang and rang, but after several rings Slee’s phone went to voicemail. Morgan was frantic as she hung the phone up without leaving another message. She had already left ten messages since Val had asked her to call the old producer.
“Still no answer” she shouted as she paced back and forth in Val’s living room. Her mother and father both sat nearby and nervously muttered back and forth about what they had seen with their eye that night.
“Dear you really should calm down. After all we are back in the apartment. The media didn’t see Val when we got back. This Slee character will call back when he gets a chance. Leaving messages won’t make him reply any sooner” Morgan’s mother pleaded with her daughter.
Morgan understood that she was just trying to reason with her, and for whatever reason that only made Morgan more beside herself in anxiety. She was about to snap at her mother. She didn’t really want to but the woman had
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